Gracious Akande

“Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out” – Pam Allyn

I just checked my JAMB (Joint Admission Matriculation Board) examinations result. I was so sure I wouldn’t get anything below 250. Imagine my surprise when I saw 199, out of 400. Haba! This people are wicked o. Just in case you don’t know, anyone who plans to attend a Nigerian university must pass JAMB. This meant my hopes of going to the university that year was dashed. I began sobbing pitifully. I went outside the house, away from the pitiful stares of my parents and siblings to mourn my failure. After about 30 minutes of non-stop tears and mucus running down my nose, I suddenly came to a realization. The tears were just a waste. Immediately, I cleaned my eyes and stood up. What I did next might surprise you. I read. Yes, that’s right. I picked…

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