About this Blog

So, if you’ve not read about me yet, please do that. Thanks.

This blog is about a lot of things. It’s a Christian blog but from time to time I may write about technology or culture or just life in general. But it’ll all revolve around Christ.

It’s a personal blog so more often than not, posts will be based on my experiences and all.

What you should expect:

  1. Movies reviews.
  2. Book reviews.
  3. Comments about people.
  4. Scripture discussions.
  5. Relationship talks – people, Jesus, Holy Spirit.
  6. Overcoming certain life challenges.
  7. Technology – coding, programming, others
  8. More…

So, it’s pretty much anything you would expect in a personal blog. I hope you benefit from the blog and don’t forget to drop your comments too.

See About Me, if you have not.

PS: If you have some personal challenges and need someone to talk to, here’s my contact.

e-mail: durukingston@gmail.com

God bless you.